Nine tracks and a lift to the top

The lift operates this autumn from 10th until 17th October from 10:00am – 4:00pm.

In addition to traditional mountain biking, Tahko offers excellent conditions for downhill biking. Tahko Ski Resort has nine different, marked downhill biking tracks, of which three are black, two are red, two are blue and two are green. The lift takes visitors to the top two days a week in the summer season, and the total height difference is almost 200 metres.

This summer it is possible to have private lessons for beginners to get to know the skills for a downhill biking. The lessons are available on the same days when the lift is operating, starting at 10am, 12pm and 2pm.

100min. lesson 90€
The price includes a day ticket for the use of the lift.
+30€ for extra persons

The nearest parking areas are located next to the bottom and top stations of the lift, so you can take your equipment and accessories very close to the spot. The top station of the chairlift features Panorama Bar & Café, and Pehku Bar is located on the other side of the slope area, one kilometre away from the top station and easily accessible via a well-maintained dirt road that runs along the ridge.

Instructions for users of the Bike Park

  • You always ride at your own risk.
  • The tracks have no daily maintenance.
  • You should familiarise yourself with the tracks in advance.
  • Please take into account the conditions as well as changes caused by wear and tear, riding at a speed that is safe for you.
  • Also take into account other people moving in the area. Cyclists must always give way to other people!
  • You must wear a helmet when riding on the tracks.